$11.99 – Paperback via CreateSpace

The Incredible Filmmaking Workbook is designed primarily for students and beginning filmmakers
who are interested in creating a film from start to finish in a straightforward and organized way.

This workbook contains easy-to-understand tutorials and easy-to-complete handouts
about the most fundamental and essential aspects of filmmaking,
all designed to help you feel confident that you have all the information, support ,and materials
needed to complete your first or fiftieth production.

The filmmaking process outlined in this workbook has been successfully followed
by numerous students to create diverse, exciting, and award-winning films.

Digital Handouts

To access the password-protected page on this site that contains PDF copies of all the Handouts
found in The Incredible Filmmaking Workbook:

1. Find the last word on Page 16 of The Incredible Filmmaking Workbook.
2. Click on this link and enter that word in the Password field on the next page.
3. Download or print PDF copies of whichever Handouts you need.