THE SPANISH ROOM (2010) Premieres Online

“Flamenco, and Falling in Love”


The story goes and I’ve said it time and time again that upon first seeing live flamenco five years ago, I instantly became captivated by it and knew I had to make a film featuring the beautiful art form. Two years later, I created THE SPANISH ROOM, my first ever feature documentary, starring Yjastros, The American Flamenco Repertory Company – A.K.A. the company I first saw live – based right out of Albuquerque, NM. Since that time, THE SPANISH ROOM has screened across the world and is probably regarded by most people who have seen my body of work as being my most memorable. I am very thankful to have been able to make this film for a myriad of reasons, including a very special one that will always bring me an immense amount of joy…

You see, while I was making THE SPANISH ROOM, I met a young woman who changed my life more than anyone outside of my family has ever done. How did she do this? … By allowing me to fall in love with her and by loving me back and by eventually and ultimately inspiring me to turn my entire life over to the Lord and become the loving man I am so valiantly trying to now be. I really did not ever expect that simply by following my filmmaking passion would I ever be so fortunate to meet someone who would singularly influence me to become an entirely new person, a better person, just by being in my life and loving me, but I now thank God immensely for placing her along my path because I benefited so much more from simply knowing her than I could ever benefit from creating any film or work whatsoever. And even though she and I have since parted ways, her impact on my life shall be clearly seen for the remainder of my days as I strive to love and serve others like she loves and serves others all in the name of loving and serving God.

I will always consider myself extremely fortunate and blessed to have created THE SPANISH ROOM not so much because people enjoy the film but because it started me on the path to discover and love God in an entirely new and incredible way. And that, my friends, will always bring me joy.

Today, for the first time ever, I would like to freely share THE SPANISH ROOM with the world in honor of many beautiful things, the most beautiful to me being God and the transformative power of love.

Thank you to all of you who continue to support all that I do. And thank you, Royale, for, well… everything.



Christopher Michael Roybal

P.S. If you enjoy the film, please support Festival Flamenco Internacional de Alburquerque 2012, which begins next week and will feature world-class flamenco workshops and performances, including ones by Yjastros.


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